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ZeroTouch® Linear Metrology System

A high-speed, non-contact multipurpose metrology system that increases accuracy and production for longer, and more slender machined parts.

The ZeroTouch® Linear Metrology System is a high-speed, non-contact linear inspection system ideal for measuring linear-shaped parts such as hip stems and aerospace blades faster than traditional methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Developer coating not required to capture shiny surfaces
  • Configurable for both in-line or near-line use
  • System functions in manual or fully automatic mode
  • Allows for 100% inspection of parts leading to process and quality improvements
  • Supports a wide range of dimensions and weights
  • Small footprint allows for optimal usage of production space
  • Micron-level precision and accurate analysis with dense point cloud
  • Scans 100% of part in under 60 seconds

Rapid Data Capture & Analysis

Using application-based advanced sensors, the system can capture millions of data points per second, with variable data density levels, executing part inspection plans and performing all critical to quality measurements faster than tactile methods.

High-Volume Production

ZeroTouch® performs all measurements that previously required multiple systems, reducing the overall metrology footprint, and enabling in-line inspection on high-speed production lines where 100% part measurement is required.

Upstream Process Improvement

Through industry proven and recognized analytics software, parts can be analyzed by comparing point cloud scans with nominal CAD models and GD&T controls. Statistical process control (SPC) data can drive warnings to reduce variability and scrap.

Titanium alloy hip joint replacement or artificial hip
3D point cloud
Close up of turbine compressor

Industries and Applications

Aerospace icon


Key Applications : Blades, Vanes

Automotive and e-Mobility icon

Automotive and e-Mobility

Key Applications : Complex die castings, Fuel injectors

Medical Devices icon

Medical Devices

Key Applications : Orthopedic implants, Hip stems, Bone plates

Precision Manufacturing icon

Precision Manufacturing

Key Applications : Drill bits, Razor blades, Tool inserts

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