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ZeroTouch® Flexible Metrology System

A flexible metrology system for processing complex geometries in just a fraction of time versus traditional technologies.

A high-speed, non-contact metrology and inspection platform, the ZeroTouch® Flexible Metrology System rapidly captures millions of data points to create a high-precision 3D point cloud, enabling rapid measurement of complex part geometries and precise inspection of most intricate parts with low GR&R.

ZeroTouch system platen and part with complex geometries.
ZeroTouch Flexible Metrology System measures complex part geometries with low GRR.
3D micron-level precision point cloud.

Improved Accuracy

ZeroTouch® uses multiple sensors to generate a high-density, 3D point cloud to improve quality.

Increase Throughput

ZeroTouch® increases production throughput by executing inspection plans in seconds versus minutes.

Advances Production

ZeroTouch® advances production capabilities by performing in-line inspection of the entire part surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid 3D micron-level precision point cloud generation
  • High repeatability
  • GD&T measurements of complex geometries such as chamfers, knife edges, undercuts, and bores
  • Configurable metrology sensor bridge, including laser, confocal sensors, and high-resolution cameras with multi-spectral lighting
  • Advanced analytics integration with application specific tools
  • Simple part inspection programming
  • Rapid identification of production defects enables upstream process optimization
  • Ease of part fixturing reduces setup time per part

Minimize Tolerance Stack Error

ZeroTouch®’s unique planar air bearing design minimizes tolerance stack error. By providing extremely smooth, high-speed motion of precision stages, this near-zero friction design ensures more consistent performance, minimizing mechanical wear and improving GR&R.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Through industry proven and recognized analytics software, parts can be analyzed by comparing point cloud scans with nominal CAD models and GD&T controls. Statistical process control (SPC) data can drive warnings to reduce variability and scrap.

Graphical Part Inspection Planning

Graphical, menu-driven part inspection planning tools eliminate the need for specialized programming. Plans can be launched easily by recalling the program from MES, or via an optional barcode reader.

3D point cloud of gear reveals micron-level defects
3D point cloud of gear ring


System Performance
ISO 10360 MPE 2μm+L/100
Electrical Service 208/230/240VAC, 50/60Hz
30A, 1-PHASE + GND
Part Volume (max) 300 x 300 x 300 mm (L x W x H)
Scanning Travel 380 x 380 x 380 mm (X-Y-Z)
Part Weight (max) 10 kg, CG within 100 mm of Theta rotation axis
Form Measurements Straightness, Flatness, Circularity, Cylindricity
Orientation Measurements Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Angularity
Location Measurements Position, Profile, Concentricity, Symmetry
Machine Size
System Dimensions (W x D x H) 2,400 mm (95 in) x 1,600 mm (63 in) x 1,900 mm (75 in)
System Weight 3,550 kg (7,825 lbs)
Temperature (Transport/Storage) 2°C (3.6°F) per hour
Temperature (Operational) 18°C (64.4°F) to 22°C (71.6°F)
Rate of Change 2°C (3.6°F) per hour
Pneumatic Supply
Required Operating Pressure 0.59MPa (85 psi)
Maximum Machine Inlet Pressure 0.66MPa (95 psi)
Consumption 280 l/min (9.9 SCFM), @0.59MPa (85 psi)
20°C (68°F)
Clean Dr Air (CDA) Requirement (ISO 8573-1) ISO Class 3-3-3
With Optional Conditioning Module ISO Class 3-3-3
OS Windows
System Software DWF ZeroTouch® application
Analysis Software Metrolog X4, PolyWorks Inspector
Reference Model Data Formats STP, IGS

Industries and Applications

Aerospace icon


Key Applications : Turbine & Compressor blades, Gears, Shrouds, Impellers, Diffusers, Vanes/Nozzles, and Blisks
Automotive & e-Mobility

Automotive and e-Mobility icon

Automotive and e-Mobility

Key Applications : Powertrain components, Gears & Sprockets, Clutches, Pistons, Bearings, Brake components, Valve bodies, and Gasket surfaces

Medical Devices icon

Medical Devices

Key Applications : Dental implants, Medical implants (ocular, spinal, orthopedic), Surgical & General instruments, Prosthesis, and Distractors (mandibular, cranial, osteo)

Precision Manufacturing icon

Precision Manufacturing

Key Applications : Precision tools, die molds, & bearings, Parts & assemblies with electropolished surfaces, Machined parts with complex geometries, and Parts with sealing surfaces

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